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You will find me here in the future:


Just realized…

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… my phone only rings when it’s my father or eventually a salesman…

Just realized that… I’m alone. I feel, lonely. Don’t know why I keep a mobile phone any more, cos no one ever calls any more. I still have my girlfriend and all of her friends but…

I even took a guy to Spain to some funny shit, but that was a month ago and he still haven’t bothered to call me.

I feel really alone. And how do you get out of that circle?

Damn the fuckers!

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Just when they were going wild and getting really fantastic… They decided to quit!

This is Boil, from Denmark…





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Is it a plane, a comet, a….

Or is it black metal? Or Death metal? Or metal? Or is in fact classic music? I don’t really know, but it’s amazing, and it’s from down under… And, it’s ”Ne Obliviscaris!”

A new beginning

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Like, it’s time to wake up this site again….

Just wanna tell you that I just bought tickets to Iced Earth, and it’s gonna rule! 🙂

Time to boost Swedish heavy metal!

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I will have to begin with the band that actually saved heavy metal in Sweden. Before this band came along, it was all grunge and stupid house and techno… And then, all of a sudden… from Gothenburg (of course!)… I mean, from Gothenburg you got bands like At the gates, The haunted, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity and so on.. and all of asudden, here comes a band that plays old school heavy…. HAMMERFALL!!

A wildflower

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One of the most beautiful songs I know, and I also feel the title really illustrates my dear grandmother. She died yesterday. She will always be missed! Rest in piece my dear x-tra mum! Love you always!

Darkness calling

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Winter’s calling. It’s getting dark around here. Sun sets at 5 pm, and it’s only beginning.

BTW, the rest

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Btw, here’s the rest of the song… (sorry about that!)


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Sometimes you have the best intensions… but when you get there, there’s noting more to say. You know? For me, I had the thought of bringing you the best of the new shit I had discovered, and when I sat my ass down at the computer, I realized I had already done just that… My last post. Yup, that’s what I’m listening to right now, So I don’t have any news for ya!

Guess I have to share something with you, since you’ve come this far… So why not one of my favourite songs of all time? The song that got me to find the best ever band ever come out of Sweden! And probably (well, except Maiden of course, which always will have a special place in my hearth!), my all time favourite best band ever! I give you “Deliverance” by Opeth!