New plans!

Publicerat: 13 maj, 2011 i Uncategorized

Hmmmm, it kind of took a while with this next update. More than usual. But the simple explanation is, I have had a butt-load to do at work. Looking forward to a nice and calm weekend.

And I have missed so much running. Didn’t have the fortitude on monday, late evening at work on tuesday, had to help my old neighbour with Facebook on wednesday and went to see Cesar Millan (the dog whisperer) on thursday.

Starting to realize that the amout of workout that I have had these last couple of months won’t do it. I will have to forget about the Stockholm Marathon, it’s due in two weeks. One thought has begun to grow though. Last year, in october, my company had a kick-off in Brussels. And it turned out to be the same weekend as the Brussels marathon. Maybe this could be a goal to reach? Anyone who tried it?

As I said, this is gonna be a nice and quit one. Will try to run saturday and sunday. Maybe a bit longer on sunday, like 20 km?!

To illustrate a new beginning, I give you a song from the NEW album with Electric boys!



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