And now….?

Publicerat: 15 maj, 2011 i Uncategorized

Great plans for the weekend… and it all turned to dust! And really, it seems that I have a great challange in front of me.  A challange to get my life around. Truth to be told, I’m really struggeling with my way of life right now!

Think one problem is that I want too much! I wanna have great job, understand my job, no traveling time to my work. Have a beer without a bad conscience AND still be able to run a marathon…

Yesterday when I went of for work, I got this bad stomach…. And you don’t wanna have that feeling when go off for work…

Sometimes I would like to start over…. And tomorrow it’s just another black aftetnoon… waiting to go work and the agony.

Just let me be… out running!

Be sure to play this LOUD and in full screen!



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