A wise decision

Publicerat: 17 maj, 2011 i Uncategorized
Going for a run Peps?

Going for a run Peps?

Went for a run yesterday. Approx 12 km (7.5 miles), and a rather good finishtime. Tried something quite new, ”speed play”  after about half the distance. So in that perspective I’m pretty satisfied. But on the other hand, my Achilles’ tendon is still hurting. When I went to bed last night, I felt like it was really burning inside. Don’t know why it’s giving me a hard time, but it could be that I haven’t been doing my stretch properly.

On the other hand, it’s clearer that I’m doing the right thing and skip the Stockholm Marathon. The risk of getting an injury is just too big. So, I will go home and plan a trip to the Brussel marathon in October instead! Gonna be GREAT! 😀



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