Sometimes u have to relax!

Publicerat: 19 maj, 2011 i Uncategorized

Tonight I thought I would take like 12 km again, but my sweet girlfriend told me that, “Sometimes, you just have to get home and relax!” And she’s right. Very often I feel that I have to get out and blow off some steam. Do a hard 10 kilometer run. And it can do miracles, but sometimes you just have to sit down and have a glass of wine, or five…. Even though it’s a Thursday and you have to work tomorrow!

It’s like this, running is my way to relax. The way to let go of all the shit at work. All the pressure. All that… “to deliver”… And usually, when I get home, I get rid of all that via running. But sometimes even running can be a must. And today it was.

And tomorrow I will feel like a wreck! Skrattar 

Relax – don’t do it!

Speaking of Frankie… On the way home, I met this guy, about 200 pounds, piercings and tatoos EVERYWERE, really! And together with that tiny tiny little dog…. At first I thought, Oh, another heavymetal fan. But were I mistaken! Soooooo!!!??

Have a good night!



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