Publicerat: 21 maj, 2011 i Uncategorized

Another night in solitude. But I actually like these evenings. Me, the computer with Spotify and a glass of wine! The big issue is really, will I run tomorrow?

The answer is YES! First I fight the hangover, then I take the dog for a walk, and in the afternoon, yes, then I will run! For about 12 kilometers.

Have a hard time focus on the running right now. When all u can think about is work, than when Friday comes, it’s easy to forget that it’s also a Saturday on it’s way…

Think it will be easier once I booked the flight to Brussels and it’s marathon. Then I will have something to focus on! Then, no more smokes, no more “snus” and way the less party!

Feel like helping me on the lightening path?

Serpents… always the serpents, watching me…



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