Publicerat: 2 juli, 2011 i Uncategorized

Sometimes I feel very alone. Even when I’m together with people that I like/love and I know they love/like me too. Today was one of these days.

And it get’s me wondering, would it be so bad to move? Move to like the wilderness of Sweden! Me and the girlfriend, all alone with the dog. Running. Listen to Iron Maiden. Drink a beer. Leave all “the things you have to do” and just nurse your self?

The strange thing is that this all comes after a night with my brothers in Gothenburg, at Ullevi, listening to Iron Maiden…. But still, I feel I have a hard time fitting in.

Still, I’m happy that I have my running, my music. The things that keep me going!

The video is from the warm-up of Iron Maiden in Gothenburg yesterday: Sabaton. A Swedish metalband from Falun. Good shit!



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