New deals

Publicerat: 10 juli, 2011 i Uncategorized

So I had this plan to run the Brussel marathon later this year. Unfortunally, I have to change my plans yet again.

My sweet and dear dog ”Frasse” were attacked by a Rottweiler last week.  Though insured, we have to pay all the bills first and get the money later, and right now we’re up to 11000 SEK ( aprox 2000$). So right now I cant afford to pay for the flight and hotel, and it will only get more expansive the longer I wait.

Therefore I have made some new plans. I will try to run Kungsholmen runt, a half marathon in August, and then, in late september, I will try to break my record at Lidingöloppet (, aiming at 2 hr 45 min. Wish me luck!!



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