Publicerat: 16 juli, 2011 i Uncategorized

Half drunk! I needed it this time!

Have had a pretty bad week. Trouble with the neighbour, first week after my vacation….

Tonight I’m sitting down by the computer, downloading/making a lots of mp3:s for a buddy of mine. He’s in a pretty bad place right now and needs all the attention he can get right now.

The problems I have with my neighbours…. maybe I tell you about it later, but right now I have to stay low. But it’s bad.

Went for a run yesterday. It went rather good actually. Make me want to run this weekend as well. There’s a very slim chance that I will make it tomorrow (half drunk as I said!), but you never know…

Come to think of it… Did a lunch-run this week. Maybe that’s the way to go? Just to get back in the game again. Eventually I might get back to that feeling that it’s more fun to run than take another beer?

Hope is the last thing that leaves…. or……??

All hope is gone by Slipknot!



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