Watching the night sky

Publicerat: 15 augusti, 2011 i Uncategorized

It seems that I once again have to rethink my running. The day before our departure to Spain last week, we had a gigantic rain weather and don’t you know it… The roof is leaking!

So what I have to do all week after work is to step up on the attic and try to carry down everything there, and it’s a lot of stuff, believe you me! Eveningruns just doesn’t fit right now. So morning it is then! Tomorrow I will try to get up at 5 am and run for an hour. Which will get me approx. 45 minutes for a shower and a quick breakfast.

Kind of a raw deal, don’t you think?

Eventually I will tell you about my journey to Spain later on, if I can get the time to do it!

Blaze Bayley: “Watching the night sky” – coz, that’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow morning!



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