Publicerat: 30 augusti, 2011 i Uncategorized

What a thunderstorm we had this weekend! At 4 am, sunday morning, it was almost daylight! There were lightnings everywhere over the nightsky. Rather beautiful actually, but also a bit scary. Specially when the lightning struck down! Not far from the house.

Inside the house there was this metallic burnt smell. The digital tv box had literally burned out! That was scary! Later, after a couple of hours of sleep, we did a damage control. To summon up, two tv-boxes, one recordable dvd player, the broadband modem and our new TV – all gone!

Time to call the insurance company!

Guess it’s going to be a lot less tv, and a lot more book reading until this mess i solved!

AC/DC: Thunderstruck (don’t have to explain myself here I guess?)



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