Publicerat: 9 september, 2011 i Uncategorized

The resurrection of the Running Peps has started! And the war has started!

What war? The one against crime? Drugs? No, it’s much more important, the war on laziness! Shape up, get fit!

Went to the doctor yesterday, to check on my shoulder. Apperently I had dislocated it a bit, but it went back into place by it self. Although some ligament stretching out, there is nothing that’s injured badly. So I can run again! 🙂 So I will have a first go this weekend. Sunday I think, too much to do on Saturday. I will let you know how it goes.

Think I have to hava a massage also. Since I have had this pain in my shoulder, the muscels around the shoulder have gone a bit stiff, have to get them to loosen up! But that’s a project for next week I belive.

Halford: Ressurection


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