Drunk driver!

Publicerat: 12 september, 2011 i Uncategorized

Had a really big adventure Saturday night! We started the day with a big baptism, then headed to Stockholm for a concert with Max Raabe and the Palast Orchestra. Which was awesome!

But the adventure really started when we got back to Eskilstuna and were on our way home. The time was about 11:30 in the evening. Maybe a minute before we came to this roundabout, a car had passed right through it, and into a ditch on the opposite side. There were tire marks all the way! Of course we stopped. Had to see that the driver was OK! And when he stepped out of the car, we saw that he was totally wasted! Drunk as a skunk! And he wanted a lift to Torshälla to get some friends who could help him get the car out of the ditch!

So I had to call the police. Of course. When the dude realized I were talking to the police, he first tried to make me stop, but thankfully he were too drunk to do anything about it. So he started to walk away from the scene, first on the road, later on he went in to the forest.

The cops came a couple of minutes after that and started to search for the guy, they even had to call for the K9-unit. And then they found him! He tried to show some force, but with three big coppers and one big dog, he didn’t had a chance!

The whole thing, including an interrogation with me and my girlfriend took about an hour. So we were about an hour late, with a bit of adrenalin pulsing in the system. But it felt actually pretty good that we’d helped to catch this guy. It turned out that they (the police) had tried to catch this guy the night before! But they could never prove that he had been the driver then. But now they thought that they had enough for a conviction!


Judas Priest: Breaking the law (what else?)



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