Full speed ahead!

Publicerat: 13 september, 2011 i Uncategorized

Yes! I were actually able to get and run this weekend. Not so far maybe, but it has it’s explanation! With I also had Frasse – the dog! It was the premiere of the master-and-dog-run! It went pretty well, but we have some details to work on. But that’s alright, it’s going to be fine. At least we both thought it was fun, although Frasse has to learn to control his pace. He rushed like a newbie on his first competition, completely drained afterward!

Today it’s time for me to run again. Don’t know how far yet, but I think I will take it easy, maybe six or seven kilometers. At my age you have to start things smoothly! But with full steam of course!

Wish me luck!

Royal Republic: Full steam spacemachine



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