Tough night!

Publicerat: 20 september, 2011 i Uncategorized

Damn I’m tired today! Went to bed rather early yesterday, about 10:20 pm, just to be able to get up early and have the time for a run at lunchtime. I were pretty tired so I didn’t thought it was going to be a problem. Until I went to bed.

We have a bed that’s almost 2 meters wide, and the space left for me were like 30 centimetres! The girlfriend and the dog took it all! Too top it off, my asthma kicked in as well! We’ve been cleaning out some stuff from the closet, and apparently it was a bit dusty! After I took my meds, my body were pretty “upset”, and it was impossible to sleep. So around 1 o’clock I went up, sat myself down in front of the computer and watch the late night sports.

Around 2:30 am I went back to bed. But it took about half an hour to fall to sleep. I didn’t get up extra early today… Actually, I slept an hour extra and went up at six, but do I feel it today!

If I only can stay awake, this evening’s looking kind of promising.  First the girlfriend and I are starting home studies to learn Spanish! Really looking forward to that! Then, it’s time for TV and hockey! And after that, I’m hoping to get out and finally have my run. Then I would be able to sleep tonight, don’t you think?

Iron Maiden: Fear of the dark:



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