Running with the devil!

Publicerat: 28 september, 2011 i Uncategorized
Running with the Frasse

Running with the Frasse

Or in my case, Running with the ”Frasse”, which sometimes can be the same thing! 🙂

Two days in a row now. First yesterday, with Frasse, our third time together. A slight increase in distance every time. Now we ran about 3,5 maybe 4 km. He’s a good dog, although he doesn’t always appreciate when we stumble into other joggers. Specially in the evening. He’s a bit afraid of the dark you see. But cute, thank God! 😉

Anyway, managed to get my running clothes with me today. So a small lunch-jog today. A really nice course, approx. 8 km in 43 minutes. But I have to say that I can feel it in my legs today. Guess it’s not going to be three days in a row!

So I will rest tomorrow and maybe try to run 10 km this weekend. On my way! 😀

Van Halen: Running with the devil



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