Publicerat: 17 januari, 2012 i Uncategorized

Have been hanging out in my chamber for a while, discovering new music,
Have you discovered this, in lack of better words, new wave of metal that’s popping up everywhere you look? It’s pretty young bands, one or two albums. Hard to describe them, to label them. It’s not your regular heavy metal – it’s too heavy for that. It’s not death metal – it’s not heavy and brutal enough.

I’m talking about bands like Deprivation (AUS), Double Dragon (AUS), Prey for locust (SWE) and the Generals (SWE) etc.

If you haven’t heard them yet, it’s time to check them out! And check back here to get more updates! 😉

Prey for locus: ”Hang a traitor”:

Deprivation: ”Strain”:



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