Peps Goes: Aussie (ping @metaldad_666)

Publicerat: 25 februari, 2012 i Uncategorized

A couple of months ago this dude started to follow me on twitter. He goes by the name of @metaldad_666 (DO follow if you like heavy metal!), and he started to teach me about real Australian metal!

Oh yes, there has been some kind of good hard rock and heavy metal from “down under” before…. But aside that, there’s a new wave coming I think. A new kind of breed!

I’ve always thought that we Swedes were the ones to lead the “wave of new metal”. Easy to think if you look what we’ve got. But all our established bands are in fact getting pretty old right now (yes, I know we have a lot of new coming, I will get there in another post, not today!) so it’s kind of hard to find the new ones.

Anywho, lots of new aussi-bands! Some good, some “maybe good” and some “holy fuck that’s good” kind of bands.

Here’s my favorites:

Deprivation: “Blood money”

Follow on Twitter: @deprivationband
Follow on Facebooc: “
For you guys that have Spotify, here’s the album:”Amalgam

Truth Corroded – “Knifes of the Betrayed”
(These guys are actually in Europe right now!)

For you guys that have Spotify, here’s the album: “Worship the Bled

Double Dragon: “Soulcrusher”
Follow them here on Twitter: @LiggyDD
And on Facebook:
And  here is the FREE download of their latest album: “Sons of Asena

Other bands:

A kind of “up and coming” list, you know, almost there, but not yet. Although, would they come and play in my hometown tomorrow – yes I would go and listen! Here I will only give you the Spotify – links:

You can also follow Blunt force trauma on Twitter:  @ausBluntForce

I’m sure that in a country as big as Australia there’s a lot of more bands that’s worth checking out! But, hey! I live on the other side of the Globe, consider this a start!

And once again, thanx to Metal Dad Australia! ( BTW – here’s his website:”

  1. eXplain skriver:

    Thanks for the mention! Keep your eyes and ears open. We will be back in the studio soon for the second time. This new stuff kicks big fat pimply ass!

    (Foundry Road)


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