To my new aussie-frieds! A hail to Thåström!

Publicerat: 10 mars, 2012 i Uncategorized

Since I’ve been so lucky to find new Australian friends on twitter, and who showed me all this great new Australian metal, I thought it would be a good idea to give something back!

So, I give you, the greatest Swedish rock poet! Joakim Thåström. In my humble opinion, the best, and the only one, of rock musicians we ever have had in Sweden. The music, the lyrics,  the voice… A Swedish legend. A hero to me! It’s actually kind of hard describing his lyrics for those who don’t speak swedish, but it kind of like listening to really old ballads!

He started with leading the swedes into punk-rock in the late seventies, with his band Ebba Grön. Their debut album,   ”We’re only in it for the drugs” has been called ”the second best album in Sweden, ever!

The song: ”We’re only in it for the drugs part 1” (1979)

After Ebba Grön called it a quit, Thåström started Rymdimperiet (Rymdimperiet, like from the empire strikes back, sort of…) which evolved to Imperiet, one of the greatest rock bands in Sweden of it’s time (and still…). This was the band that made me a Thåström-fan! That’s when I realized, the charisma he had/has on stage! Watching Thåström live is like… Can’t explain, but you feel him, if you know…

Imperiet performs live at ANC-galan 1985.:

After Imperiet broke up, Thåström made a couple of solo albums, which many of us still think is magical. Defining rock-music. From 1989, ”Djävulen och jag” (The Devil and me) A great hit in Scandinavia in 1989:

After this, he released ”Explodera mig 2000”, which was… well harder… ”Elektrisk”

And after all kinds of experiments, he finally came back and showed a new side of him self. The kind that you might get when you’re turning 55  years… And I still love him! Just listen…

I’m that good with word, but with all these videos, I hope I got you to understand how much this brilliant man mean to me… Just turn to you tube and search for ”Thåström”. Even if you don’t understand the lyrics, you will understand the feeling! Hail Thåström!

And from the latest album:

And btw, there’s a lot of stuff in between I haven’t mentioned, but it’s hard to do a complete biography of a man who has moved me since 1979! (Yes, I’m that old!)

Oh, I almost forgot, fucking beautiful! ”Kort biografi med litet testamente” (Short biography with a short last will)



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