BerserkerfoX – New World Murder (review)

Publicerat: 25 mars, 2012 i Australia, Death

Hey everybody!
Stay tuned for my first official review of a real heavy metal album!

First of all, as you all have noticed, I’m no writer, but I love to discover new music and thanx to Twitter, I had the fortune to find this melodic death metal band from Australia called BeserkerfoX! New World MurderAnd, after we got acquainted,  they asked me if I would like to review their new EP – New World Murder!

So what’s a poor boy from Sweden to do? Only one thing to actually, and since I’m a cheap bastard that realized I would get a EP for free… 😉 , I humbly accepted, of course! And I’m glad I did! So here it goes:

We’ve already got the ”New wave of British heavy metal” and ”The new wave of Swedish death metal”. Now, I think it’s time to start to talk about ”The wave of Australian death metal”!

When I listen to the EP I get a lot of vibes, but the one that really comes to mind is early Dark Tranquillity! And Iron Maiden. The guitarr harmonies, and


the constant changing of pace of the song, like progressive. As an hard-core Iron Maiden fan, I can’t help but loving this! By this, I don’t mean that they sound old, quite the opposite actually. It’s melodic, hard and fresh! Although, it’s not an album that sticks like glue after listening to it once, no, you have to sit down and really

listen to it first, otherwise you won’t get it! And you have to understand it to like it. It’s like listening to Queensrÿche – a thinking mans metal! (Hey, it’s easier for me, I got the lyrics! 🙂 ) But, when you getit… you will have to love it!

As I said before, I get strong Dark Tranquillity vibes of this, which make me think that I wouldn’t be the only one in Europe to like this! Unlike, for example Parkway Drive, this is really European-like metal (and with European-like, I mean Gothenburg!). So all you guys out there, loving Dark Tranquillity, (early) In Flames, At the gates and so on, give these guys a chance! Think you will like it!

So, all and all… I give this EP seven (7) pepsRock out of ten (10). Had it been an entire album with the same quality, I would give it an eight, but now, it’s only four songs, and I WANT MORE!

Do you want to here them play? Well, do you have Spotify? You can find them here:

And also on youtube! And you can also download this song for free on

And also, why not take the chance to discover them the same way I did, through Twitter!? Do you twitter? Follow BerserkerfoX here: @BerserkerfoX

Yup, I fucking like it! 😀

Favorite track: ”Digging your own grave”



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