When I’m still on the subject of new music

Publicerat: 25 mars, 2012 i Death, Sweden

Then I would like to show you the new album from the Swedish death machine ”Avatar”, and their latest album ”The Black Waltz”.

I first discovered it in January, when it was first released, and I have to say, It might be the album of the year allready!! I don’t know how to catagorize it, but it’s kind of in the line of melodic death, heavy, country and circus….!

It’s all out there, but it’s really great, and if you like melodic death metal, you should really give this a try!

Avatar: Black Waltz

And on Spotify, here’s the link to the entire album: http://open.spotify.com/album/1Zpunibs9pE8OyOtafSEYu



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