Album of the year!!

Publicerat: 30 april, 2012 i Uncategorized

Yes, I know I’ve ripped the title from the last album with Faith no more…. 😉 And I know that Sabaton’s releasing a new album soon! (I have really high hopes on that one!) But I have to push this one more time!

The album I’m talking about was released in January this year, and not only the best album so far this year, it’s climbing my all time high chart everytime I listen to it. It’s the new album of Swedish metal heads in Avatar and their ”Black Waltz”. Truly amazing!

First video and title track: ”Black Waltz”:

Fucking beautiful video!

Next one just keep it all togheter, wonderful video, wonderful fucking song!

And for all you lucky one’s with Spotify, here’s the album: (Click it!)



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