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Publicerat: 16 juni, 2012 i Uncategorized

Hey! it’s almost half of 2012, time for a summary! A summary of what I have found so far this year, and what has been the best so far. Some of the songs have been released earlier, but the thing is, I discovered them this year.

It has, so far, been a pretty good heavy metal year I must say! I can’t wait for the autumn, it has to be even better! Ler

I will try to put down a best-of list, but, this list tend to change really hard depending on my state of mind. But, this is how I feel about it right now… And I’m sorry, but it’s all in Spotify-links, but I’m sure you can find it on you tube.

When I look at the list I realize that it’s a overload of Swedish and Australian music. But hey, if it’s good, it’s good! And by the looks of it, Sweden takes the first three places. Actually, it’s Swedish on five of the ten… And I’m really happy about the difference in style, it means I can go to every festival, and be OK about it!

Here it goes (going from ten to one):

10. Accept – Stalingrad


9. Woods of Ypres – Woods 5: Grey skies & electric light:

8. Mustasch – Sounds like Hell, looks like Heaven:

7.Nekromantheon – Rise, Vulcan, Spectre:

6. 4 Arm – Submission for Liberty:

5. Prey for locust – Swarm:

4. Thruth Corroded – Worship the Bled:

3.Sabaton – Coralus Rex:

2. Terrotory – The Seed left Behind:

1. Avatar – Black Waltz:


That’s my list. Gonna give you some honourable mentions later…



  1. Johan Norström skriver:

    Thanks for the mention, glad you like it!
    /Johan, Terrortory


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