A nice little love bite!

Publicerat: 4 juli, 2012 i Frasse the dog, Friends

So I had a rather nasty experience yesterday. My dog and our neighbour’s dog got in a fight over a bone. It was close to escalate into something really bad (which I were to find out). So there was only one thing for me to do, and that was obviously to try to separate the two.Love bite

Right there and then, I made my mistake. Apparently one would use the leash and drag ‘em away from each other, not by using your hands! That’s what I did! I grabbed my dog, and actually, by doing that I rescued him from being bitten. That’s a good thing. The really bad thing was that, instead of my dog, I was the one being chewed on!

Therefore, instead of going to work today, I had to go my doctor. Got a tetanus shot and a prescription of penicillin. Guess I have to cancel my running for a couple of days, but otherwise it’s going to be fine. Just have to be patient for a while.

On another note, I got words today about a friend that passed away. He was an old man with a lot of cancer in his body, but still a friend. It was actually his dog that bite me… But I will miss him! Rest in peace Rune!

As a celebration to Rune, and a reminder of the bite, I give you Halestorm and ”Love bites”:



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