Time for another song of the day, with D-A-D

Publicerat: 13 juli, 2012 i Denmark, Friends, Rock, Song of the day

And what could be more fitting than ”Day of wrong moves” with D-A-D, or as they once were known, Disneyland After Dark. After the day I had yesterday.

It’s kind of strange and funny, but every time I manage to get out of the office early, there’s always something that messes with my train. Usually the train is late or even worse, cancelled. But yesterday, it was me that messed up! Don’t know what happened, but I went to the platform, I heard in the speakers that the train was inbound, and I stepped on it.

On the train, I took my computer, plugged in the earplugs and started to watch this hilarious Norwegian TV show, ”Lilyhammer”, totally caught up in it. Then my friend Simon calls, wondering how it goes, am I going to be on time for our after work beer. So I look outside the window, trying to find out were we are, and I’m realizing that I don’t have a clue! This is NOT how it should look outside!

So, of course I’m on the wrong damn train! So instead of going to Eskilstuna which would take approx one hour, I’m now down in the small town of Katrineholm! And I have to wait for like 1½ hour for the next train home. So my one hour train ride took me 3½ hours! But, I got my beer anyway… if you wondered… 😀 That’s my ”Day of wrong moves”.



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