Song of the day: Well, it’s a foursome! :)

Publicerat: 20 juli, 2012 i Hardcore Superstar, Mötley Crüe, Sweden, USA

Saw an interesting competition today where the contestants was Shout at the devil vs Hardcore Superstar. And although, a pretty ”new” sleeze-band from Gothenburg never can outrun a classic album like Shout at the devil, it was actually a really interresting reading! And it got me thinking…

And in my mind, Hardcore Superstar is a better album, really. I never heard a sleeze-band with this outstandig and weird riffs in their songs.

But still, if it wasn’t for Motley, would Hardcore even existed? You choose!

Hardcore Superstar: “Bag On Your Head”:

Mötley Crue: “Shout At The Devil”:

Harcore Superstar “Wild Boys”:

Mötley Crue “Too Young To Fall In Love”:



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