Song of the day….

Publicerat: 26 augusti, 2012 i Heavy Metal, Sabaton, Sweden

… didn’t work… Then you have to online every day, and I couldn’t. I had to go offline for a while. Had to hide. So, instead I will just give you a tip! How often this tips will show up, well I don’t know. But I know that it would be a petty to miss em…

So the tip of this day will have to be…. Well, I read today that they will support Nightwish on two shows, and headline one of their own in Austraila… And, I’m qoite in to them right now… It has to be “SABATON”! Here it is, for al lovers of heavy metal!! From the album The Art Of War; Ghost Division!

And from the last album, The title track: “Carolus Rex” (in Swedish) (about the time when Sweden were a superpower in Europe, look it up!)



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