This is about me. The Metal Peps

Metal Peps on a adventure

Metal Peps on a adventure

, or if you like: Peter Anderberg. I started this blog as an English-version of my Swedish running blog. But after a while I realized it was more about heavy metal then running… So, I had to change the name from The Running Peps, to Metal Peps! I’m still the RunningPeps, but, with metal! So why start a blog in English? Well, I had actually a lot of people from the States following me on Twitter, runners. So I thought that I would give them a chance to follow my mission.

But then, I wrote too much, tweet too much on metal, so I lost most of ‘em. So here we are… The Metal Peps of Sweden!

Here you will get a lot’s of tips on heavy metal, and when I’m down, a lot of complaints! And if you get complaints, you have the opportunity to know some new music, besides metal! 😉

Hope you will enjoy it!

Yup, this is me!

And here’s why I started the blog: The Mission

Meanwhile, as I’m a dedicated heavy metal fan, you will always find good music here!

Rock On!



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