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Publicerat: 12 oktober, 2012 i Death Metal, Opeth, Sweden

Sometimes you have the best intensions… but when you get there, there’s noting more to say. You know? For me, I had the thought of bringing you the best of the new shit I had discovered, and when I sat my ass down at the computer, I realized I had already done just that… My last post. Yup, that’s what I’m listening to right now, So I don’t have any news for ya!

Guess I have to share something with you, since you’ve come this far… So why not one of my favourite songs of all time? The song that got me to find the best ever band ever come out of Sweden! And probably (well, except Maiden of course, which always will have a special place in my hearth!), my all time favourite best band ever! I give you “Deliverance” by Opeth! 


Yeah man, have been in the shadows these last couple of weeks… What can I say… Been kind of busy, coming down with a cold, and feeling a bit anti-social. But that’s me and my issues….

Well, it’s like this. Sometimes I drive my self into darkness and then I’m not able to communicate with the outside world. It’s hard enough to keep me on the right side… So sometimes I dive, sometimes I surface. Right now, I’m in the middle. It can go either way. It may be that I’m going to show you happy metal, or, it will be more and more dark metal. And since autumn is calling, with it dark days…. Well, let’s say that I’m working on it…

Meanwhile, I would like to present to you, some new music I’ve discovered these last couple of weeks. Hope u like it!

I’ll start with a Swedish band I think needs more attention! The band is Spazanza and they’re from Karlstad in Sweden. This is the song “Dead inside”, taken from their last album “Death is certain, Life is not”

Then I would like to present to you a band from Australia, which kind of remind me of the almighty “Opeth”, but in a kind of black metal, swedish folk-song way… It kind of talks to me right now… My state of mind you know….

And whilst I’m on the subject… this is something that really keeps me going right now…. Dying Fetus! That’s a fucking brutal name for a band, and with this song…”Fuck the baby, let it die!” Welll, you be the judge! But I love it!

But, when I look at this last video, I can’t help  to think, and now it’s time for some happy metal!, and that the it might be a bit too technical… So this is how you play the fucking drums!! (Be aware, it’s 1h 20 min vid) I mean, just look at fucking Mickey Dee…..

Don’t you just have to love ‘em?!?!

And now time for some happy-metal! AndOK, this is really light weight, but sometimes you need this as well… A new Swedish band, called Eclipse and their single “Blod and screem”

And as a beautiful finish… we top it off with some fine Swedish viking metal! Amon Amarth! Damn, This could actually be the best song of the new millennium “Twilight Of The Thunder God”! Awsome!

Since I don’t believe in a god, I don’t know who to thank, but thank… anyone… and all the people who creates good music that hopefully will keep me on the right path…

Rock on forever! And until next time…

That’s a question that’s impossible to answer. How ever…

I’m a huge Iron Maiden fan. Maiden was the start of my heavy metal life, the start of who I’m today. And all of my music I’m listening to today, is all based on, ”What would Maiden do..” kind of….

And I know, Maiden’s old. I’m old. But Maiden rules! And all of this ”new wave of Swedish death metal”… well, let’s say, if there was no Maiden, there would not be any swedish death…

And that’s why I have to give you Amon Amarth and their album ”Twilight of the Thunder God”! It might be the perfect match of Iron Maiden and Death metal! Every s0ng on the album is hard, melodic, in a way I never heard  before!

If you haven’t heard it, download it from PirateBay, and then  fucking buy it, because, it’s the best album I’ve heard since Opeth and Blackwater Park! It’s a fucking master piece!!

The Title song:

Song of the day: with Opeth!

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Hey, it’s after midnight here, so time for a new song! And this time, also from Sweden, but a whole lot of different from yesterday…The band who created and changed the whole death metal scene… Giving a new perspective on progressive rock. I give you, the one and only… OPETH!!

Oh my fucking GOD! It’s like when I first heard Iron fuckin Maiden…. Blast me away! I have never come across a band with this ”I’ll Do it my way”… It’s from medieval times to death metal… there’s no one  like it… You better fuckin like it! 😉