Yeah man, have been in the shadows these last couple of weeks… What can I say… Been kind of busy, coming down with a cold, and feeling a bit anti-social. But that’s me and my issues….

Well, it’s like this. Sometimes I drive my self into darkness and then I’m not able to communicate with the outside world. It’s hard enough to keep me on the right side… So sometimes I dive, sometimes I surface. Right now, I’m in the middle. It can go either way. It may be that I’m going to show you happy metal, or, it will be more and more dark metal. And since autumn is calling, with it dark days…. Well, let’s say that I’m working on it…

Meanwhile, I would like to present to you, some new music I’ve discovered these last couple of weeks. Hope u like it!

I’ll start with a Swedish band I think needs more attention! The band is Spazanza and they’re from Karlstad in Sweden. This is the song “Dead inside”, taken from their last album “Death is certain, Life is not”

Then I would like to present to you a band from Australia, which kind of remind me of the almighty “Opeth”, but in a kind of black metal, swedish folk-song way… It kind of talks to me right now… My state of mind you know….

And whilst I’m on the subject… this is something that really keeps me going right now…. Dying Fetus! That’s a fucking brutal name for a band, and with this song…”Fuck the baby, let it die!” Welll, you be the judge! But I love it!

But, when I look at this last video, I can’t help  to think, and now it’s time for some happy metal!, and that the it might be a bit too technical… So this is how you play the fucking drums!! (Be aware, it’s 1h 20 min vid) I mean, just look at fucking Mickey Dee…..

Don’t you just have to love ‘em?!?!

And now time for some happy-metal! AndOK, this is really light weight, but sometimes you need this as well… A new Swedish band, called Eclipse and their single “Blod and screem”

And as a beautiful finish… we top it off with some fine Swedish viking metal! Amon Amarth! Damn, This could actually be the best song of the new millennium “Twilight Of The Thunder God”! Awsome!

Since I don’t believe in a god, I don’t know who to thank, but thank… anyone… and all the people who creates good music that hopefully will keep me on the right path…

Rock on forever! And until next time…


Song of the day….

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… didn’t work… Then you have to online every day, and I couldn’t. I had to go offline for a while. Had to hide. So, instead I will just give you a tip! How often this tips will show up, well I don’t know. But I know that it would be a petty to miss em…

So the tip of this day will have to be…. Well, I read today that they will support Nightwish on two shows, and headline one of their own in Austraila… And, I’m qoite in to them right now… It has to be “SABATON”! Here it is, for al lovers of heavy metal!! From the album The Art Of War; Ghost Division!

And from the last album, The title track: “Carolus Rex” (in Swedish) (about the time when Sweden were a superpower in Europe, look it up!)


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Well, this wasn’t suppose to land on this blog, it was my damn blogging tool that got confused and put it here… But since it’s already published I will let it stay here…

Igår var det dags! För första gången faktiskt. Midnattsloppet.

Dunkade i mig ett lass pasta vid 17-snåret, satt mig i bilen klockan 19:00 och parkerade utanför jobbet(!) en dryg timme senare. Tog mig sen en promenad till Zinkensdamm där starten var.

Fy satan va folk det var! 30000 anmälda och tydligen räknar man med att ca 10% inte dyker upp, så i runda slängar 27000 alltså!  Och vilken stämning!! Bara vid startområdet liknade det inte något annat lopp jag varit med om! Kände mig mera som om jag var på konsert eller möjligen nattklubb! Skitkul! Musik som pumpade ut, fyrverkerier och en speaker som gjorde sitt bästa att elda upp löparna!

Men jag måste säga att jag blev mäkta förvånad över alla jeppar  jag mötte som höll på att värma upp som dårar när det var 45 minuter till start…!? Fasen, skulle jag värma upp i det tempot finns det inte en chans att jag skulle komma i mål! Ler


Nåja, starten går, och eftersom det var så mycket folk blev jag lite förvånad över att det gick att få upp farten så snabbt. Men å tredje pilsnern, så hela Ringvägen var ju avstängd, och den är ganska bred. Men mycket folk omkring en var det ju. För att inte tala om hur det såg ut efter banan! Det var inte många metrar som vi sprang som  inte hade publik. Visserligen stod de flesta med en pilsner eller ett glas vin i handen…. Då kändes det lite trist att jag inte skulle stanna kvar någon timme i Stockholm. Hade varit en skön känsla att duscha av sig och gå ner på puben! Kanske något för nästa år.

Gillar tanken på det här att alla har likadan tröja och inga nummerlappar. Rätt skönt att slippa tävla med andra startgrupper. Tror att det kan bidra till den allmänt trevlig stämningen bland löparna. Fast, ville man så kunde man hitta orsaker till att bli irriterad ändå.

Vet inte hur många gånger jag hörde speakern uppmana folk som springer lite långsammare att hålla till höger! Och jag kan säga att det var många gånger då jag nästa fick stanna upp helt för att folk var i vägen! Och eftersom det var så mycket folk som sprang så gick det inte helt smidigt att byta spår.

Värst var det i de tuffare backarna, som den upp mot Sofia kyrka(?) och Mosebacke då folk helt plötsligt började gå mitt framför en!

Men jag ska inte inte gnälla! Det var bland de roligaste loppen jag varit med om! Många löpare, mycket publik (herregud va folk det var runt Medborgarplatsen och Mariatorget!) och musik! Tyckte det var uppträdande efter nästan hela loppet!

Sluttiden blev 50:53 och det är jag helt nöjd med! Hade siktat runt 50. En bonus hade varit att komma under 50 minuter, och det skilde bara 54 sekunder för det, och hade jag inte fastnat bakom löpare ibland hade jag kanske fixat det. Men å andra sidan, hade nog inte mer i kroppen för ett 50-lopp, annars hade jag ändå tagit det fast jag fastnade. 50-gränsen kommer att sprängas! Skrattar

Första Midnattsloppet avklarat, det kommer definitivt bli flera!

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That’s a question that’s impossible to answer. How ever…

I’m a huge Iron Maiden fan. Maiden was the start of my heavy metal life, the start of who I’m today. And all of my music I’m listening to today, is all based on, ”What would Maiden do..” kind of….

And I know, Maiden’s old. I’m old. But Maiden rules! And all of this ”new wave of Swedish death metal”… well, let’s say, if there was no Maiden, there would not be any swedish death…

And that’s why I have to give you Amon Amarth and their album ”Twilight of the Thunder God”! It might be the perfect match of Iron Maiden and Death metal! Every s0ng on the album is hard, melodic, in a way I never heard  before!

If you haven’t heard it, download it from PirateBay, and then  fucking buy it, because, it’s the best album I’ve heard since Opeth and Blackwater Park! It’s a fucking master piece!!

The Title song:

Well, words is kind of redundant, don’t ya think?

I give you (cheers Mårten!) The other flesh and “Waltzing down the road to hell”

Time to travel

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So my friend and I are going (again!) on a solo trip, facing the nature! We’re about to do a three to four days cycling around Åland  and I’m guessing it’s going to be a whole lot of cycling, a whole lot of beers (as usual)… And as always, when I’m drinking too much, I’m going to get all sad and gloomy, and the music… well, it won’t be some heavy fancy metal I’m afraid… Rather something like this:

I fucking love it!

Saw an interesting competition today where the contestants was Shout at the devil vs Hardcore Superstar. And although, a pretty ”new” sleeze-band from Gothenburg never can outrun a classic album like Shout at the devil, it was actually a really interresting reading! And it got me thinking…

And in my mind, Hardcore Superstar is a better album, really. I never heard a sleeze-band with this outstandig and weird riffs in their songs.

But still, if it wasn’t for Motley, would Hardcore even existed? You choose!

Hardcore Superstar: “Bag On Your Head”:

Mötley Crue: “Shout At The Devil”:

Harcore Superstar “Wild Boys”:

Mötley Crue “Too Young To Fall In Love”:

@Peps right now

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So, this is what’s going on right now… A band from Australia, and two bands from my ol’ dear Sweden…. So why not start with the out-of-towners…

Ouroboros, with “Lashing of the Flames”:

After that, I would have like to give  you Fatal Smile and the song “Raising Hell in Heaven”, but I didn’t find it on youtube, so I have to give it to ya with Spotify:

Last, but not least, and, yes again, (because I fucking love it!), it’s Avatar and “Black Waltz”! Why? Because, it’s so damn good! Smile

And what could be more fitting than ”Day of wrong moves” with D-A-D, or as they once were known, Disneyland After Dark. After the day I had yesterday.

It’s kind of strange and funny, but every time I manage to get out of the office early, there’s always something that messes with my train. Usually the train is late or even worse, cancelled. But yesterday, it was me that messed up! Don’t know what happened, but I went to the platform, I heard in the speakers that the train was inbound, and I stepped on it.

On the train, I took my computer, plugged in the earplugs and started to watch this hilarious Norwegian TV show, ”Lilyhammer”, totally caught up in it. Then my friend Simon calls, wondering how it goes, am I going to be on time for our after work beer. So I look outside the window, trying to find out were we are, and I’m realizing that I don’t have a clue! This is NOT how it should look outside!

So, of course I’m on the wrong damn train! So instead of going to Eskilstuna which would take approx one hour, I’m now down in the small town of Katrineholm! And I have to wait for like 1½ hour for the next train home. So my one hour train ride took me 3½ hours! But, I got my beer anyway… if you wondered… 😀 That’s my ”Day of wrong moves”.

Song of the day: Dommin

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I’ve chosen the song Dark Holiday, by Dommin. The album was released in 2009, so I can’t help but wondering when the next album will show.

Anyway, at work today this song showed from one of my playlists, and it has been quite some time since I last listen to it, and the band. Realized I’ve missed it!